What is a Drive Safely for Longer Assessment?

We have been offering free driving assessments for people aged 60+ since the Drive Safely for Longer project launched in March 2016. In the first two years, over 2000 people registered for a driving assessment and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Over the years, there have been changes in road traffic law, road layouts, traffic signs and vehicle design. The natural aging process can affect individuals in different ways, including eye sight, mobility and reflexes.

A Drive Safely for Longer Assessment provides an opportunity for drivers to update their knowledge, improve their hazard awareness and their driving skills.

Accessing a free assessment could be all it takes to give reassurance, increase confidence and ultimately help to keep people driving safer for longer.

Who can attend?

This course is aimed at drivers aged 60 years and over. Applicants must hold a current driving licence and be actively driving e.g. have not had more than 12 months break from driving.

People register for a free driving assessment for a variety of reasons. Some drivers wish to update their driving knowledge or skills, to receive honest feedback on their driving, support in adapting to a new vehicle or to gain more confidence on a specific manoeuvre or route.

What does the assessment involve?

Each driver receives 2 hours with a Driving Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) Approved Driving Instructors, they have a good understanding of the needs of experienced drivers and the assessment is tailored to the drivers’ personal requirements. The assessment is a mixture of discussion and practical driving assessment.

The assessment is not a driving test, so there is no pass or fail. The driving assessor will make recommendations to help ensure continual safety.

If the Instructor feels there are elements the driver needs to work on a discussion will take place during the two hour assessment slot.

If the instructor feels that the driving is at a standard which poses a risk to their safety or the safety of others this will be clearly communicated to the driver. In context, since the project launched, just 2 people out of nearly 2000 people have taken the decision to stop driving, on the grounds of safety.

It can be reassuring for drivers to have honest feedback from a professional driving instructor.

How is the assessment organised?

Once a driver registers, they will join the waiting list - this can take approximately one month, depending on the driving instructor’s availability in the area.

Once a driver is allocated to an instructor, the instructor will make contact to arrange a mutually convenient date and time for the assessment to take place.

Is a vehicle provided?

Most drivers prefer to use their own vehicle and experience shows it is better for the driver to have the assessment in a vehicle they are familiar with. A check for the legal status of the drivers own vehicle will be made prior to starting the assessment. The instructor will undertake document checks (the driver is advised which documents to bring in advance) and a basic vehicle check to ensure the assessment can go ahead.

If for any reason the assessment cannot take place we may not be able to offer a second assessment (see cancellation policy below). An appropriate fully insured vehicle can be provided in certain circumstances.

Special Requirements

We would need to be informed of any special requirements that need to be taken into consideration to ensure drivers can fully participate in the course. Every effort is made to accommodate requests.

How long is the course?

The session lasts around two hours and is a mixture of discussion and practical driving.

How much does it cost?

It’s FREE to residents of Merseyside aged 60+. Merseyside Road Safety Partnership fund these courses to help reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on our roads.

Cancellation Policy

There is only one assessment per person and cancellations with less than 48 hours will result in the scheme being charged (although you will not personally be charged). If this is the case, we cannot offer a second assessment.

How to book

Note: to save time during the booking process, please have to hand information on your Local Authority – i.e. the council to which you pay your Council Tax. This information will be required when booking an assessment which will help us to assign the correct driving instructor.

Booking a place on the course is easy, just...

Register Online

...and you will receive confirmation emails to update you on your booking.

For more information or if you would like to speak with a member of the team, feel free to contact us.

Wirral Council administer the scheme on behalf of Merseyside and Cheshire Road Safety Partnerships.

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